Beast Men

The beast men are a subrace of wild men who have ventured out into the Misted Woods to the east of the Island of Kontür and were corrupted by the wild nature of the woods. Many of the stronger beast men were those who ventured out alone for their Wolfbear Ceremony to become a wild man chief. While still mostly resembling a man, beast men physiology incorporates slight features of wild beasts such as increasingly hairy bodies, eyes of yellow or red, sharpened fangs, noses and mouths more resembling snouts and outgrown finger and toe nails that have hardened into crude claws. Beast men do make and use hunting tools such as daggers, knifes and bows but usually they also incorporate their claw-like hands and feet for hunting and combat. While they stand upright, it isn’t odd for a beast man to move on all fours if needed for speed and agility. They are also excellent climbers, and have been known to travel in packs along the trees as well as on the ground. They have the ability to speak, but they rely mostly on body language when with their own kind and only use speech to communicate with other races.

While they share many of the same traditions and beliefs as the wild men, beast men lack any of the wild men’s sense of community and compassion. While wild men embrace the bounty and splendor that nature gives them, beast men embrace the cruelty of the wilderness. They believe that the hardship of nature is a way to thin out the week from the strong. They view this as a source of pride to be one with nature, but other races view this as being savage and ruthless. Although they travel in packs, every beast man looks after their own and has to prove they are both strong and an asset to their pack if they want to continue to travel with them.

As long as the beast men have existed, they have always been at odds with the wild men of Kontür. While both groups are extremely talented hunters, beast men can be very territorial and if wandering wild men encroach too closely to their camp or attempt to hunt after the same prey as a group of beast men, the beast men will attack with ruthless animal savagery. They do still share some ideals, as viewed by the fact that both beast men and wild men still perform the Wolfbear Ceremony of Leadership. However, instead of being awarded with the title of “Bear” after independently hunting and killing a Wolfbear, beast men are appointed with the title of “Wolf.” Occasionally a tribe of wild men will do trades or business with a tribe of beast men, but the wild men have to prove their worth, usually with a test of strength or skill. This is rare as beast men usually keep to their own.

Beast men also worship the same Gods as wild men, and also share many of their superstitions (such as the belief that there is no other land in Tol other than the Island of Kontür.) They choose to worship the Gods in their own way, usually by ritualistic sacrifice. This sacrifice has been done using many different forms of life such as wild animals, captured wild men, or even other weaker beast men. These sacrifices can be preformed anywhere, as long as they are done by a beast man shaman or “Wolf.” While they don’t share the same rocky shines that the wild men do or perform their Bone Breaking Ceremony, they oddly respect the wild men for their religious devotion out of fear of angering a God. Beast men are usually so frightened of a God’s wraith that they will not only never interrupt a wild man’s Bone Breaking Ceremony, buy they also never remove the bones after the ceremony, or even enter into the center of the shrines themselves.

Once the wild man city of Skadath was founded to the west of the Misted Woods, the wild men began to take a more defensive stance against the beast men with guardes constantly on the watch by the edge of the woods for any beast men activity. However, the beast men, grown to adapt to live perfectly in the mists of their woods, have no intention of ever entering Skadath. Nevertheless, they viewed the founding of the city as a challenge to their race and a threat to their nature. They greatly despise the city and curse any mention of it.

Beast Men

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