Minotaurs – Lawful neutral

6’6" – 7’6" average height. There are far more humanoid features in their faces and bodies than has been depicted in Greek mythology. They have feet, not hooves! More of a claw than a fingernail, and the horns of a minotaur can vary greatly, from horns akin to a ram or bison, to long horns of differing levels of curvature. horns can be between one to two feet and are a point of pride. The greatest punishment for a minotaur are to have his horns broken and be chained in the streets. Although this is a rare punishment, happening once every few decades to some particularly monstrous individual. Typically a death sentence would be conducted by forcing the minotaur to do battle against overwhelming odds, either a dozen armed warriors, while the criminal is armed with only a dagger or rusty handaxe.

Minotaur society is clan based, with much emphasis on the champions a particular house can produce. A very militaristic people, the minotaurs are trained in an almost Spartan fashion from the time they are young, albeit they have more time for training in other pursuits such as Sailing, fishing, hunting, and contests of skill, which are fundamental in the minotaur educational system. Although some might at first think the minotaurs monsters because of their appearance, they have an incredibly strict code of honour, which even the most ruthless of minotaurs try to avoid breaking. This is not to say that they are beings of good. A minotaur desires battle, and will fight to the death over mere misunderstandings or an insult towards ones clan or self. The minotaurs are a race on conquerors, and view themselves as the rightful masters of Tol. For these reasons minotaurs will typically stick to their own lands aside for war, which often is fought between clans anyway. War is something the minotaurs know very well, excellent warriors both due to their powerful build and their upbringing. They are also excellent strategists. The massive harbour in the centre of Minos is where minotaurs who have passed all trials of a minotaur warrior go off on their first sea voyages, sailing is both important culturally, as well as a way of building the agility of a minotaur, as staying aboard for a 350 pound minotaur requires a great deal of dexterity. All minotaur warriors fight with the sure-footedness of one who has sailed the world of Tol twice over.

Minos – The minotaur capital, the city of Minos is an impressive sight. Most of the buildings are made of white marble mined from quarries in the mountains, with cheaper buildings being made of either lesser stone, or wood from the forests surrounding the coast. The harbour is the most important place of the

The new city, the first on the mainland, strives to retain the magnificience of Minos, but without the mountain quarries of their home continent, only two buildings, the temple and a Admiral-General’s house, are constructed of marble shipped from Minos. The rest of the buildings are constructed from thick wood and stone.


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