Founded in the second age of Tol, the wild man city of Skadath was originally a trading grounds, which later bloomed to a bustling market, then finally became their capital city. The city was founded on western side of the Island of Kontür in a valley between mountains to the north and the south, and is one of the only safe routes into the Misted Woods to the east without traveling across the mountain range.

While many wild men continued to roam around Kontür, Skadath became a place where many older wild men would settle down. Families would station members there to start small businesses and trade with other families while the older and stronger family members would hunt. The city is governed by a Council of Three chiefs (or Bears, as the wild men call them) who are representative of the three climates in Kontür: the grass lands, the mountains, and the forest. While most of the structures in Skadath are made of wood or are extravagant tents, the Council of Three reside in a stone tower by the southern mountains. The tower not only is where all major political choices are make, but is a testament to the wild men’s culture and civilization. Because wild men have very little experience in stone carving and building with stone, the tower is very crudely designed and is very uneven and asymmetrical, yet is surprisingly very sturdy. It was proposed by one of the first Bears of Skadath, Krumm (Mountain Bear of the Dreamer,) who was often viewed as a leader who had unrealistic goals. The tower wasn’t finished until 38 years after his death.

Another reason the city was founded at its specific location was because it was just on the outskirts of the Misted Woods, where the beast men resided. Because the beast men never traveled through the mountains, the valley creates a bottle neck where if the beast men ever wanted to attack the settlements to the western grasslands, they’d have to venture out of the mist and pass Skadath. Wild men guards appointed by the city are constantly on patrol on the edge of the Misted Woods to report any beast man activity. However, no beast man has ever set foot in the city, not because of the patrol, but because the beast men greatly dislike the city and see it as an abomination against nature.

While the markets of Skadath are the major draw to the city, the Skadath also became a meeting point for great wild men thinkers. Philosophers and scholars, whose ideas were primitive compared to other higher intelligent races, began to emerge and meet in the city for an exchange of ideas. No other movement was greater than The Order of the Walkers, who were founded and based out of the city of Skadath. It was in Skadath where the Walkers gained most of their followers, even though they were viewed as heretics from The Council of Three. Once the leader of the Walkers (Lars, Bear of the Pathfinder,) led most of the Walkers away from Kontür in the Great Pilgrimage, a small percentage of them stayed in Skadath to ensure the lessons and ideals of the Walkers stayed in their homeland of Kontür.


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