Wild Men

The wild men of Tol first appeared on the southeast Island of Kontür. Though simple minded, they have a deep love and understanding for nature and their surroundings. They’ve become some of the most skilled hunters in the world, having spent many of their days tracking and hunting wild animals in the mist covered forest to the west of their Island. Wild men are incredibly resourceful and excellent craftsmen in wood, leather, fur and bones. They are often seen wearing pelts and decorative accessories such necklaces and helms made of bone, horn or other elements of the animals they’ve hunted. Family and community are also very important to wild men, as they all care greatly for one another and look out for each other in times of need such as sickness or famine.

They are typically known as very superstitious people, believing the Gods to be vengeful and easy to anger. There are many irregular rock formations that the wild men would construct on Kontür (and later in other parts of Tol) which they would use as shines to their Gods. It is custom for a wild man (or tribe of wild men) who are traveling and happen to pass one of these shires to stop and have a meal, as a sign of thanks to their Gods. Wild men would call this ceremony a Bone Break, as the final part of the ceremony involved Wild Men breaking the bones of the meat eaten at the ceremony and leaving it by one of the stones.

In the early years of their civilization, wild men would travel nomadically in tribes around Kontür, trading goods between each other as they met. The chiefs of these tribes would be awarded the title of “Bear” after a grueling rite of passage where they would venture into the mist shrouded wilderness alone and slay a monstrous Wolfbear. Sometimes a candidate would get lost in the forests and never return to their tribes. It is believed that these candidates would become corrupted by the creatures of the forrest and become the feral race of beast men.

A common trading area for tribes of wild men was located in a small valley just on the outskirts of the Misted Woods. Eventually this area became so popular that the first wild man city, Skadath, was founded there. Skadath allowed the wild men to have a set meeting point not only for trade but for their people to converse, exande their minds, and philosophize. For generations the wild men were very narrow-minded, believing the world of Tol only consisted of the Island of Kontür. While they would sail out to sea to fish, they wouldn’t venture across the strait to the mainland for centuries until the founding of The Order of the Walkers. Once the Walkers ventured across the sea from their home Island during a time they called the Great Pilgrimage, they rapidly spread and ventured across the lands, wandering and forming numerous small tribe across Tol and two other major cities: Ulrik which was founded by the Spider’s River and Lars Landing which was founded on the outskirts of the jungle to the north. The Walkers brought wild man culture to the rest of the world of Tol, and their knack for hunting, tracking and trading has brought them to interact in one way or another with most cutlers and cities all across Tol.

Wild Men

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